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Kinship Absentees'


Hey all :D Just writing this to say that i'm going unactive for quite a while. My strict parents are preventing me from playing lotro once school starts again (as it's my last year) Until i'm finished.. Which is next Summer (or if I can convince m...
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Zelderan8374Member avatar small Sorana 5y
Kinship Absentees'


Hello everyone,I would like to apologize for my prolonged absence. I suppose this has been coming for a little while and I haven't been willing to accept it, hoping instead that things might turn around, but I'm now officially giving my resignatio...
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Rhinjavar5169Small Torrigan 5y
Kinship Absentees'


Dealing with mental things. Dunno when coming back *huggles*
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Cynwin3114Small Captain Isilorbor Ventris 5y
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