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Would you be interested in collecting his head.

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Eorangar is a Captain of Nalokha, a long time thorn in the side to the guard and skilled combatant.

Whats good is he can often be found in Bree-Land conspiring to damage the guard, he is mortal and can die. However he is a deadly opponent with no fear of death. To approach him is a dangerous move and should only be attempted by Guardsmen with strength in their sword arm and fire in their belly. The risk is high but the honour gained from such a kill would be worth the risk to any warrior worth his salt.

Many in the Guard are eager to collect this bounty but there can be only one claimant as after all there is but one head.


This challenge should only be undertaken by Guardsmen who are well aware of the risks involved, in trying to kill Eorangar you will be putting your own life on the line he will not expect any quarter and will give none in return.

If you want to fight Eorangar but without risk of death talk to him, he will expect you to refrain from killing him in return though.
For Gold and the Glory of the guard.
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