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by Captain Isilorbor Ventris on Jun 28, 2012 at 05:09 PM}

‘Everything is going according to schedule, sir.’
‘And yet, I am uneasy.’
Cyla Grimblade stood at ease in front of her captain, the white and gold of her leather armour was surprisingly ornate for a fighting force as strong as the Eagle Guard, but that was a lie. The leather itself was strong, an unyielding hide that had more than once saved Cyla from a maiming sword slash.
Wearing her hair in a long golden waterfall, Cyla’s green eyes framed her neat face that would have been worthy of a painting, but there was something within those eyes that caused pause. A strength and understanding, like she shared a secret that only you and her knew.
Her tongue was well known to the Guard, but for all the wrong reasons.
Anyone who dared challenge her to an argument soon either lost or gave up, making her an ideal sergeant for the Guard.
The man before her was tall and board, long black hair framed a face that could have been craved from stone with a sharp jawline and high cheek bones. Emerald green were resting on a table of dark wood while strong, long fingers were steeple under his bottom lip. The only flaw to his face was two scars running down across his face from both eyes to his top lip, marks of war given in a long lost home that Isilorbor was never keen to speak of.
Isilorbor Ventris was sat in his quarters, a small fire cracking to his right while a large window behind him flooded the room with soft light, casting a shadow across his desk and mood.
‘We only have a few assets at her disposable and I cannot afford to spend them lightly,’ Isilorbor was saying. ‘A grand total of three hundred men will not carry victory upon their shoulders alone.’
Cyla nodded, knowing what her captain was really saying.
‘As things stand now, tis in our best interest to seek allies.’ She said.
‘Of what kind, though?’ Isilorbor asked.
Isilorbor let his hands drop as he stood, walking around his desk to stare out the smaller window closest to Cyla. He crossed his arms across his chest, overlooking the Eagles Keep.
The Eagles Keep was a stone fortress that sat upon a tall hill that overlooked a small valley, built in the time of Arnor, Isilorbor had wasted no time in bringing in builders to reform the fort into its former glory and set it up as his headquarters. Other buildings had been built around the base of the hill and some even on it, giving the Guard the independence that few other forces can boast. In truth, the Eagles Keep was a self-reliant and self-providing base of operations.
Isilorbor had found this valley with old Arnor ruins and had put it to good use, using an old gated wall that guarded the mouth of the valley while sheer cliff edges boxed them in. He had yet to find a suitable trader in stone to make more permanent defences, so until then they had set up wooden palisades.
Isilorbor could see that a few sections of his Guardsmen were patrolling around the valley, keeping in a loose formation while other stood on sentry duty.
Cyla took her time in answering.
‘As things stand, we only have enough to actively patrol Bree-Land, The Lone-Lands and the North Downs. Tis hardly the whole of Eraidor, and we are would benefit from extending a friendly hand to the other races.’
Isilorbor looked back at his sergeant with a raised eyebrow.
‘Other races? I doubt that the Elves and Dwarves care much for the affairs of Men.’ He spoke without any spite, simply from a point of view.
‘How would we know? Is it not worth to try, captain?’ Cyla countered.
Isilorbor turned his head back out the window, his brow frowned in thought.
It was easy the think that you fought a war alone and never thought that others fought it as well, but asking other races to an alliance, who thought on completely different levels of thinking, was a stretch.
Then again, it was a case of nothing to lose and everything to gain.
‘I will send some an eagle to the other races.’ He said after a lengthy pause.
Cyla nodded.
‘There is another matter, sir.’
‘Our war chests and wagons have come back, they are fit to be supplied for the coming campaign.’ Her tone was flat, she knew where they were going, even if the Guard did not. Isilorbor had been careful not to leak this, the time wasn’t right.
‘Have them hidden away for now, we need to get our stores in order before we even consider about packing.’ Isilorbor said.
‘Captain,’ Cyla paused, not sure what her next words would be.
Isilorbor looked at his sergeant and give a slow, knowing nod.
‘I know, Cyla. Nalokha has a strong grip on Angmar, and if we are to break it, it will be a bloody conflict. The Ealges will march on Angmar, but we will not march alone.’


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