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Cyla Applegate - Joining The Eagle Guard.

by Cyla Grimblade on Jun 28, 2012 at 06:21 PM}
Cyla looked upon the poster, reading the words carefully while the sun shone on her dark blonde hair. "The Eagle Guard, recruiting man and woman in all shapes and sizes", she read, murmuring the words softly to herself. She'd take a last glance around Combe before striding up the steps to the Combe and Wattle Inn.

Opening the Inn door, she'd glance around the darkened room. Seeing it was quiet she found a quiet corner in which to sit and reflect upon the months past. "Am I doing the right thing?" she silently pondered, her mind drifting back to a few months previous, to the carnage and destruction that was wrought upon her once ideal life. Her family farm ransacked, her father murdered and her elder brother, Eric, gravely wounded. Taking a deep breath she would shake her head a little, clearing her mind of those thoughts. "No, I will no longer hide..." , she murmured softly to herself, thinking back to the letter she had sent to this Captain Isilorbor Ventris, expressing her wish to join the Guard. No sooner had she uttered the words to herself, the Inn door opened, in strode a rugged looking male, shoulder length dark hair, a trimmed beard. Quickly glancing down to her hands, Cyla gathered her thoughts before rising to her feet and walking to the man.

"Are you the new recruit I was sent to speak with?", asked the man in a hard, flat tone. His grey eyes sizing her up. Cyla would seem to shrink back slightly under his gaze. Taking a deep breath, she would hesitate slightly before responding.

"Y-yes sir.. Cyla Applegate is my name."Cyla would close her eyes, silently cursing her nervous demeanour. Risking a glance to the male she would see him nod, something in his eyes would soften a little to her.

"I'm Fuerlan, a Sergeant of the Eagle Guard. Why do you wish to join us?", he asked, getting right down to business.

"Well, after my father was murdered and brother severely wounded sir, I vowed i would no longer hide.. I-I wanted to help make a difference." Cyla would quickly lower her gaze once more, feeling well out of her depth. Risking another glance up to the man whom she now knew was Fuerlan, she would see a brief flicker of a smile cross his lips.

"Good. What skills can you offer us? Are you well versed in the sword?" The questions caught her off guard. Stammering she'd take a deep breath before answering once more.

"My real skill is healing s-sir. My sword skills are... minimal.. at best.. though I am willing to learn to improve." She nodded eagerly, as though trying to prove her point. Fuerlan would nod once more, seeming unable to stop a slight twitch at the corners of his mouth as a slight smile surfaced once again. Cyla lowered her gaze quickly once more, her cheeks reddening to the smile. She'd stand in silence, giving a slight nod as Fuerlan explained about the training period, as well as her duties.

"With all that said, welcome to The Eagle Guard. I'll escort you to Sheptry where you will meet the Captain. He will give you a tour of the keep and answer any questions you may have.", Fuerlan stated in a matter of fact tone, beckoning her to follow him. Cyla would once again, take a deep breath and fall into line behind the Sergeant.

The journey to Sheptry was one of silence, only the sound of their footsteps broke the sound of the birds chirping and the rustle of the wind in the trees. Once again, Cylas mind drifted to events gone by. "Well, I am in this Eagle Guard." She thought to herself, still wondering if she had made the right choice. the sale of her family farm had given her enough funds to buy a sword, shield and basic armour. Yet her mind raced as to what the future held in store for her, and her brother. Silently, she hoped her brother would make a recovery, though chances were slim.

Finally, Cyla looked up to the building Fuerlan had lead her to. Her jaw dropping open slightly at the magnificence of the structure. Her gaze suddenly turned to Fuerlan upon realising he was speaking with her. Blushing once more she realised he was telling her to go inside and upstairs to the Captains quarters. She'd nod her thanks and turn to the building, walking nervously to the door, though a slight frown would cross her features, wondering why she felt so nervous around Fuerlan, never before had she felt such around a man.

"Well, this is it." She thought, "Home, let us hope I do not let anyone down..." She murmured the last to herself as she opened the hall door, and stepped inside..


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