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IC Info on Nalokha and her underlings.

by Arenfith Irongrip on Jul 05, 2012 at 12:58 AM}
Sorry about the format, but as some poeple had to log this is everything that was said at that little gathering.

Cyla says, 'Now, some of you know the enemy, some don't. Nalokha, and her force in the north. That is our enemy, that is who we strive to protect the Free People from.'
Cyla says, 'We know of a few of her lackeys, a few of her tricks... I will not lie to you, we are usually out numbered by her force. The battles are hard fought and with losses.'
Cyla says, 'I know that some have questions, as such, I will open the floor to you.'
Bjornbryt says, 'Yes, I do believe i have one.'
Cyla says, 'Go ahead.'
Bjornbryt says, 'Since I have been absent for some time, have any of her followers who were prominent before I left been killed?'
Cyla says, 'Depends, who were her followers when you were last here?'
Bjornbryt says, 'I can not bring their names to bear, however I am just wondering if there has been much of a shock to her command structure mostly.'
Edelhilde says, 'Could we start at the beginning? Who are they and why they hate us, specifically, so?'
You say, 'We have in recent times killed two of Nalokhas inner circle, her Lieutenant Arasan and her assassin Khalithia.'
Zelderan frowns slightly at the questions then walks onto the stage
Bjornbryt says, 'Ahh.'
Bjornbryt says, 'And where in the structure is this Eorangar?'
Cyla says, 'As to why we are at war with Nalokha, I personally feel the Lieutenant is better able to answer.'
Zelderan says, 'You all want to know why exactly we are fighting Nalokha?'
Edelhilde says, 'I do.'
Zelderan says, 'Nalokha.. I first heard her name years ago... We have a long history.. Too much to delve back to without you lot being stuck here for quite a while.. Basically, she wants to control Eriador.. Conquer it. We are the main thing that stands in her way.. She sees us as a threat, as we do, her... That mixed in with revenge is why she wants us destroyed'
Edelhilde says, 'Revenge over what, sir?'
Zelderan says, 'Our Captain, slew her cousin.. Another powerful being.. Yes Dirtar?'
Dirtar says, 'What do we do if we, say..see her in the Pony, or are followed by her for quite some time?'
Fuerlan says, 'If she is in Bree, she is there for a reason.'
Dirtar says, 'Recruiting..'
Zelderan says, 'Whatever you do... Do not fight her alone, nor if you are with two or three others.. You may think you can easily take her but making that mistake will mean your death.. Try to get away, call for help'
Bjornbryt says, 'Lieutenant.'
Zelderan says, 'Aye?'
Bjornbryt says, 'Would her cousin be the man with the golden armor that we encountered long ago?'
Bjornbryt says, 'The one from the barrow downs.'
Zelderan says, 'Nay... Her cousin was called Akallabeth, an ancient enemy of Isilorbor.. Long before the Eagle Guard was founded'
Bjornbryt says, 'If I recall rightly, this man with the armor was killed before it was founded as well though, was he not?'
Zelderan says, 'Hmm... Arasan.. Aye Isilorbor cut him down..'
Edelhilde nods her thanks at Cyla before speaking.
Bjornbryt says, 'Ahh'
Edelhilde says, 'So we know now that she wishes to control Eriador, is a user of dark spells, and also has a personal grudge against the Guard. Could we get a list of the notable people following her, their descriptions, names, known weaknesses and possible styles of conducting battle?'
Cyla says, 'Eorangar, a known sellsword is a captain of hers. His face deathly pale and badly scarred, most noticable is scarring on his right cheek from a battle I once had with him. He fights to primarily kill, the man has no fear of death. Though given the chance he will run.'
Fuerlan says, 'Eorangar uses two blades and relies on speed. Nalokha herself relies on fear. She has other servants though one, a mad women named Cae hinted that she uses poisons. Another named Arkadith is unknown.'
Edelhilde says, 'Do we have their physical descriptions?'
Fuerlan says, 'Arkadith no, other than he wears a Golden helmet which covers the face.'
Fuerlan says, 'Cae is a blonde woman, she wears robes and a circlet.'
Fuerlan says, 'Eorangar can be found in many garbs, his face is scarred badly, he stands out in a crowd.'
Fuerlan says, 'Nalokha can be found mostly wearing red, she has dark skin and hair.'
Cyla says, 'In places like the Pony, Eorangar usually covers his face to hide the scarring.'
Edelhilde says, 'So - Eorangar, Cae, Arkadith, Nalokha. Those are the four we can recognise and be wary of?'
Fuerlan says, 'Arkadith if he happens to be in armour Aye.'
Cyla says, 'until we recieve any more reports, those seem to be the most.. active of her dogs.'
Fuerlan says, 'There is one more.'
Edelhilde says, 'Do they have a base of operation we know of - oh?'
Fuerlan says, 'We believe a man named Turgur serves her now. He is a warrior with blonde hair. A big man old friend and ally of the guard...'
Cyla says, 'As with the others, be wary should you see Turgur. Edelhilde, what were you asking?'
Edelhilde says, 'Ah - if we have any knowledge regarding their preferred base of operation, if they have any.'
Cyla says, 'Angmar is where the vast majority of Nalokhas force are.'
Fuerlan says, 'They travel, alot. One place they return to is Bree, if not there then Angmar, where we cannot get them.'
Cyla says, 'Any further questions?'
Zelderan says, 'Just one thing.. Please do not underestimate them and think you can take them on.. They usually use this weakness and can very much likely lead to your death.. Don't try follow them for they may lead you into a trap.. Understood?'
Cyla says, 'I will also add to that, and state it will take not just strength of arm to be victorious, but also strength of mind. Fear is nothing to be ashamed of, remember, without fear we have no courage.'
Fuerlan says, 'The enemy are the enemy of our blood, all of us, they dont care about your or your families, they would see you all dead just for who you are. The lands of Eriador have known relative peace. Dont let that give you a false sense of security. The people of Dale and Gondor can tell you the enemies of the Free people still have strength.'
Zelderan says, 'If you have no other questions, you are dismissed until further orders'


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