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A Hostile Situation.

by Cyla Grimblade on Aug 22, 2012 at 02:44 PM}
Cyla wandered into the Eagle Guard Hall on the motivation of collecting her orders for the week. Having been recently promoted to a full Guardswoman and deciding on joining the Heavy Infantry under the command of Sergeant Fuerlan Grimblade, she decided to speak with him about how best she could be put to use as well as give the man an update to how her swordsmanship was progressing under the watchful eye of her good friend Friddora.

Waiting in the main room, her green eyes glanced around, taking in the maps on the walls. "I still find this place daunting, why?" Cyla silently mused to herself. Soon her silent musings were interrupted as a man in Eagle Guard uniform strode through the hall and up to the Captain's office. "Odd", she thought, "I'll ask Fuerlan about that."

Soon after, Levlidian, a new recruit to the guard and Barvant a fellow guardsman joined her. Cyla explained the odd guard to the others and was assured that it does at times happen though if worried talk to an officer about it. Waiting as patiently as possible, though unable to shake the feeling of unease creeping over her. Minutes seemed to drag by, when finally Fuerlan arrived. Speaking to him quietly, he assured her he would see what the guard wanted and left the trio in the main hall while he went up to the Captains Quarters.

The groups general discussion about training was broken by the sound of a struggle from upstairs. Rushing towards the backroom, the group stopped in their tracks as they came across a hooded Eorangar, holding a wounded Fuerlan hostage. Cyla's eyes widened briefly as she looks from Fuerlan to Eorangar and back again.

"Get back! Get back now, or I will make your dear Sergeant pay!" Eorangar yelled. Slowly at his words, Cyla backed away, surprised that her legs hadn't given way from panic. Summoning as much authority as she could muster into her soft voice she ordered the other two back, recognising the strong Rohirric accent of the man she had previously stopped escaping the guard and had fought. Baravnt though, foolishly stepped forward, antagonising the assailant further.

"Get back you fool!" Cyla screamed. Fear and dread holding her heart captive as this man held Fuerlan hostage. It was then that Cyla realised she would do whatever she could for Fuerlan, to ensure he lived to fight another day, yet Barvant wasn't making this easy..

Slowly Eorangar eased himself and Fuerlan into the main hall. "Get over there, to the dias! take off your boots and tie your hands with them! NOW!" He yelled.

Very slowly, her eyes never leaving Eorangar, Cyla does as she is told, calmly ordering the others to follow suit. "Damnit you fool, for once in your life do as you are bloody told." She hissed at Barvant as he still continued to defy everyone in the room. Sitting down she would remove her boots, her green eyes watching, while her mind raced. "We'll give chase once Fuerlan has been released." She thought to herself.

Barvant, though, seemed to have other ideas. Throwing things, vials containing who knew what at Fuerlan and Eorangar. Cyla groaned inwardly at the foolishness of this man, but she could only watch as Eorangar's ire grew at Barvant. In an act that caused her to scream in horror he viscously stabbed Fuerlan over and over before throwing him to the floor.

"You bloody fool! Look what you did!" She screamed at Barvant, though her eyes could not leave the fallen and prone figure that was Fuerlan. Eorangar snarled at the three of them before throwing caltops onto the floor, turning and running from the hall. Quickly untying the loose knot she freed herself and pulled on the boots, running to Fuerlan's side.

"Give chase! Now!" She yelled, her voice quivering slightly as she gave the order while she tried in vain to stop the bleeding from the multiple stab wounds on Fuerlan's torso. "No, no, no. Stay with me sir." She mumbled, more to herself than to the unconscious Fuerlan. Ignoring the others as they ran off after Eorangar she took supplies from a pouch at her belt to tend the wounds.

Levlidian was the first to arrive back, "I couldn't see him Cyla. Is there anything I can do here?" His gruff voice quiet and soft. Quietly, Cyla orders a bowl of heated water brought to her. Nodding her thanks to Levlidian a short while later, she began to work, cleaning and stitching the wounds closed.

"No sign of the coward." Exclaimed a breathless Barvant.

"I already know!" She snapped back, her eyes never leaving Fuerlan as she worked. After what seemed like an age she finished stitching the wounds. "Help me get him to the house of healing. I can do more there." Without a word Levlidian and Barvant carried Fuerlan to the healing house, silently following Cyla.

"Can I do anything to help? I am also medically trained." Barvant says as he lays down Fuerlan in the small, candle lit room.

"You've done enough Barvant. Go. I don't want you here." She looks up angrily at the man. Glaring angrily at her, she watches as he turns on his heel and stalks from the healing house.

Looking down at Fuerlan, she takes a deep breath to steady herself. "Come on Fuerlan, stay with me...I won't give up on you." She softly says as she began to work throughout the night to stabilise him...


Approval +10. Well remembered and written ^^
I remember this :( poor old Fuer got messed up.
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