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Account of Zellina

by Zellina on May 16, 2012 at 07:23 PM}
Zellina turn around slowly waking from the sunlight gently caressing her face. She took a deep breath and blinked her eyes a little, pushing herself up and sitting in the bed. She looked around the bedroom as she pulled the cover closer around her. It was still slightly chilli even though it was spring, the sun had not yet won the battle against the winter but it was only a matter of week’s maybe days. As Zellina sat there she started thinking about the time since she had moved from the little cottage where she had lived all her life. A lot of things had happened so fast, maybe a little too fast she thought to herself.
She had moved out of the cottage after her parents’ death and travelled to Bree in hope of finding a place to work as an herbalist. Yet she had not been successful, most place already had herbalists enough or no money to hire a new one. As the days passed and her money gotten fewer and fewer she realized she had to do something and soon. With great sorry she had sold her parents’ cottage to the lumber camp outside of Combe to try and raise a little money. She got a good price and bought herself a larger house in the homesteads of Bree-Land she then started her own clinic, a free clinic at that. Maybe a little ambitious she thought to herself looking back now. The clinic barely kept itself running with donations from kind souls sharing her vision of a free clinic, to help those less fortunate.
Zellina wiggled her toes and smiled to herself even though it was a money drain she loved it here, true she had been thinking on closing the clinic and focusing on the work for the Eagle Guard. That was indeed another thing that had happened somewhat fast. She had been in Bree at some point and noticed a poster form the Eagle Guard looking for recruits in all shapes and sizes, even with the newly started clinic she had figured that she would need money from somewhere. So a newly started guard might just be the place for her to earn a little case to keep her own place floating. The work for the guard had been somewhat chaotic at times, but she had also meet some people that she had grown fond off and now considered her family. However being part of this guard (which had turned out to be larger than she had thought) she had realised things about herself that she never really had paid much attention to before. For one she was not the most social person in the all of middle earth, not that she didn’t enjoy other peoples company she simply lacked the social skills. Since she had grown up a bit outskirts of well everything she had never really interacted with other people than her parents, of course the sometimes had guests or clients in her mother’s clinic but then it was mostly them talking not her. Most of her time had gone with studying her mother’s books and helping her collecting fresh herbs, making salves and other things for the clinic. This meant that she had become quite a skilled healer who then seemed to lack a few social skills. Zellina often had found herself feeling slightly uncomfortable around the other guards, because she was unsure how to act or what to say. Though there were two exceptions, a fellow healer named Cyla had taking Zellina all in as she was, not really question her way of acting or frowned upon it. This had made her so comfortable around Cyla that Zellina was she the way she felt for Cyla, had to be like having a sister, that was at least how she viewed her. Then there was Caim, Zellina had a hard time wrapping her mind around the entire deal with Caim. Why she trusted him so and care for him, she could not quite put her finger on, but there was something in the way he looked at her that made her heart skip a beat. Which she found rather weird since she had never really care most for men and love, but there was just something about him she could not ignore. Even though he was good at testing her patience, Zellina shook her head a little chuckling to herself as she pull the over away and carefully place her bare feet on the floor slowly making her way to the window opening it.
Zellina closed her eyes feeling the light breeze kissing her cheeks, and then she walked across the room and to her main room and looked around. It kind of felt like she was looking at the place with a set of brand new eyes, the past few days had been kind of a blur. She had more or less only returned to Bree-land after having taken time off and gone to the Shire to recover properly after her illness. She had sent letters to both Cyla and Caim to let them know she was okay, but it had turned out that Caim had not gotten his which meant he had been worried sick. Zellina pulled her shoulders up and wrapped her arms around herself, she hated worrying other people. Lucky Cyla had adverted a one man search.
After she had returned to Bree-land she had barely been home more than a day, and Caim showed up at her house. It was very heart-warming, she just thought he came over to truly make sure she was okay. Well she reckoned that of course was part of it as well, but he had taken her by surprise and asked her to marry him. It was kind of fussy for her, they had been interrupted repeatedly by a guard she had never met before. Thinking about it now, Zellina was not sure if she had even given him a proper answer to his question. However she had said that they should talk details later on.
She sighed and walked back to her bedroom and closed the window slowly getting dressed. Was she ready to get wed? Would she be a good wife? There were so many questions that now popped out. All she had ever been was a healer, now she was about to give herself completely to someone else. For that person to rely on her so much kind of scared her, what if she would fail?
After getting dressed she walked to the front door opening it, standing in the sunlight for a little while. She should go see Caim and talk to him about her thoughts that would be the most fair after all.


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