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Cyla Grimblade / Jul 28, 2012
The Eagle Guard marched towards Bree-land, their hearts high as they were returning home. however on route, a waiting ambush was spotted, the guard readied themselves to push back the waiting foe and to engage them. In what would be along and bloody battle, with the guard wounded and battle weary they faced their final foe. Elite warriors of Angmar. Despite being pushed back First Sergeant Cyla Grimblade ordered they defend themselves and the wounded as best as possible while hoping that reinforcements would arrive. Sure enough, the Rangers of Evendim rode to the guard's rescue, chasing off and slaying the enemy. After the dust had settled the guard were praised by the rangers for their part in defending Evendim and were assured that should Captain Isilorbor Ventris need them, for any purpose, he only had to call.

((I'd like to thank those that turned up and hope you all had fun in the event.))
Cyla Grimblade / Jul 27, 2012
The Eagle Guard stormed Annúminas, to help turn the tide of battle in favour of the Rangers stationed there. The Guard fought bravely to reach the ranger camp. Once there, the battle weary soldiers rested while the rangers briefed Lieutenant Zelderan Shadowbane on the situation. After the briefing, the Guard stormed Gaerannon to confront one of the Angmarim leaders and her followers. After a long battle, that raged back and forth, and despite the Guard taking casualties, they were victorious in their efforts.

Returning back to base, the guard relaxed a little while the wounded were tended. With little warning a bolt was fired towards the guard. With the order given to secure the camp, the Guard flew into action.

Now the camp is secure, the guard can rest a little.

((Thanks to those that turned up, hopefully you all had fun))
Cyla Grimblade / Jul 24, 2012
Whilst the Eagle Guard were on a patrol, they were set upon by the enemy, with a battle on their hands the Eagle Guard drew steel to meet the oncoming ambush after bolts were fired. After an intense fight, casualties taken both sides, the Eagle Guard drove off the foe, buying time for themselves to regroup back at camp. Though how much were the enemy affected, have the enemy also bought themselves time before the next strike? The next step lies with the Guard and the path they chose to tread.

(( Thank you everyone who made the event, hope everyone had fun on both sides.))
Cyla Grimblade / Jul 22, 2012
The Eagle Guard advanced into Annúminas fighting a series of brief but bloody battles. They arrived to find the the Vanguard outnumbered and fighting a losing battle against a large force of Angmarim. Despite being vastly outnumbered the Eagle Guard under the command of Zelderan Shadowbane succesfully rescued Fuerlan and the remainder of his heavy infantry inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy occupying Annúminas. While the Guard were forced to withdraw due to sheer weight of numbers they survive to fight another day against a significantly weaker garrison.
Cyla Grimblade / Jul 19, 2012
Scouting the region to the North of Ost Forod turned out to be far more dangerous than intended. Upon arriving at Ost Forod expecting to find local guides to escort them further the Guard were surprised to find the entire Garrison of the town missing.
Fuerlan Grimblade remained to defend the town while Dernfréa took the rest of the scouts onward to search for any sign of the missing men.
Further exploration to the North soon revealed that the Wardens of Ost Forod had been lured from their walls to do battle with Bandits and raiders prying on their people. All of the Wardens were found slain to a man in a small wooded area scores of dead enemies around them.
Discovering from a wounded bandit that the enemy intended on attacking the settlement whle it was undefended Dernfréa returned to Ost Forod spotting the glow of many campfires hidden from the settlement by the Forest.
Upon returning the bad situation got worse, servants of the enemy gathered a mob and managed to chase out the few guardsman, convincing the townspeople that the guard were to blame for the trouble that had befallen them.
Now Ost Forod is defenceless and a host of Goblins, Wargs and bandits is being gathered by vile Angmarim to attack the town, no doubt with aid from within. If Ost Forod falls the Guards camp at Tinnudir will be left vulnerable. The Guard must act and quickly if the enemy is to be defeated.
Cyla Grimblade / Jul 19, 2012
The Eagle Guard under the leadership of Cyla Grimblade and Dernfréa succesfully raided the ruins on the Island of Rantost. Despite being heavily outnumbered the Guard managed to approach the bandits occupying the area undetected and slay many of the bandits before an alarm was raised.
When the enemy did become aware Angmarim reinforcements from the nearby Ruins of Tham Ornen attacked to their rear, despite this surprise attack the Angmarim directing the Bandits was slain in combat along with most of his allies. This leaves the Angmarim weakened in Tham Ornen reducing the risk of a strike against the Guard.
Cyla Grimblade / Jul 16, 2012
Okay peeps, unfortunately due to maintenance being extended, and rather than risk disappointment, we have decided that tonights event has been postponed until tomorrow. So, Monday 16th July Evendim event will now happen Tuesday 17th July at 8pm. Wednesdays and Fridays events are still on schedule.

Obviously an annoyance to us all, but, it can't be helped. Hope to see you all tomorrow :)