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Disaster at Ost Forod

Cyla Grimblade / Jul 19, 2012
Scouting the region to the North of Ost Forod turned out to be far more dangerous than intended. Upon arriving at Ost Forod expecting to find local guides to escort them further the Guard were surprised to find the entire Garrison of the town missing.
Fuerlan Grimblade remained to defend the town while Dernfréa took the rest of the scouts onward to search for any sign of the missing men.
Further exploration to the North soon revealed that the Wardens of Ost Forod had been lured from their walls to do battle with Bandits and raiders prying on their people. All of the Wardens were found slain to a man in a small wooded area scores of dead enemies around them.
Discovering from a wounded bandit that the enemy intended on attacking the settlement whle it was undefended Dernfréa returned to Ost Forod spotting the glow of many campfires hidden from the settlement by the Forest.
Upon returning the bad situation got worse, servants of the enemy gathered a mob and managed to chase out the few guardsman, convincing the townspeople that the guard were to blame for the trouble that had befallen them.
Now Ost Forod is defenceless and a host of Goblins, Wargs and bandits is being gathered by vile Angmarim to attack the town, no doubt with aid from within. If Ost Forod falls the Guards camp at Tinnudir will be left vulnerable. The Guard must act and quickly if the enemy is to be defeated.


I turn around for ONE NIGHT! *Looks over to Fuerlan* Call the boys, we've got work to do!
Considering me and Torr didnt have much to work with, we dug an immense hole.
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