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Storming Annúminas

Cyla Grimblade / Jul 27, 2012
The Eagle Guard stormed Annúminas, to help turn the tide of battle in favour of the Rangers stationed there. The Guard fought bravely to reach the ranger camp. Once there, the battle weary soldiers rested while the rangers briefed Lieutenant Zelderan Shadowbane on the situation. After the briefing, the Guard stormed Gaerannon to confront one of the Angmarim leaders and her followers. After a long battle, that raged back and forth, and despite the Guard taking casualties, they were victorious in their efforts.

Returning back to base, the guard relaxed a little while the wounded were tended. With little warning a bolt was fired towards the guard. With the order given to secure the camp, the Guard flew into action.

Now the camp is secure, the guard can rest a little.

((Thanks to those that turned up, hopefully you all had fun))


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