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Going Home.

Cyla Grimblade / Jul 28, 2012
The Eagle Guard marched towards Bree-land, their hearts high as they were returning home. however on route, a waiting ambush was spotted, the guard readied themselves to push back the waiting foe and to engage them. In what would be along and bloody battle, with the guard wounded and battle weary they faced their final foe. Elite warriors of Angmar. Despite being pushed back First Sergeant Cyla Grimblade ordered they defend themselves and the wounded as best as possible while hoping that reinforcements would arrive. Sure enough, the Rangers of Evendim rode to the guard's rescue, chasing off and slaying the enemy. After the dust had settled the guard were praised by the rangers for their part in defending Evendim and were assured that should Captain Isilorbor Ventris need them, for any purpose, he only had to call.

((I'd like to thank those that turned up and hope you all had fun in the event.))


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