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Cyla Grimblade / Jul 14, 2012
While the march to Evendim was largely uneventful, we were ambushed by a great number of goblins in Greenfields as the guard passed into Evendim from the Shire. While suffering a minor loss, as well as a few cuts and bruises, the guard proved victorious, driving off their ambushers and continuing with their march.

Now at a secure base, the guard rest while awaiting further orders.

((Thank you all for attending, more events to follow))
Cyla Grimblade / Jul 06, 2012
First, I would like to thank those that attended and had patience with me while I improvised the event. I hope you had some fun.

Although during the patrol there were no conflicts, the Eagle Guard felt the air weigh down on them, adding to their unease. They saw the local animals and beasts move in fear. At one pass to Angmar, a large print of a warg or wolf was found. Though it had faded, it was clear the beast was at least twice the size of a normal warg.

A symbol, crudely drawn in blood upon a rock was also found. The symbol being an old elvish rune. Looking back through the archives, it would be discovered it is a symbol first seen in the first wars against Akallabeth, a warning.

Lastly, the hillmen camps at the last pass were found to be empty and void of life. No trace of the hillmen having been there.

With these things taken into consideration, the Eagle Guard wait tentatively for their next orders.
Cyla Grimblade / Jun 30, 2012
The Eagle Guard were victorious in their hard fought battle to help the dwarves of Gondamon. Though men were lost or wounded, we have ourselves new allies in our war against the evil and darkness that blights Eriador.

After a long march back home, the guard have earnt a rest. What lies in store for our battle hardened warriors, and can they find the strength to overcome their fears?

On a side note: i would like to thank everyone that made the event. I hope you all found it as enjoyable as we did. Keep a look out for upcoming events in the near future as well as screenshots from the battle.
Cyla Grimblade / Jun 23, 2012
Firstly, I would like to welcome all the new recruits to the Eagle Guard. We all look forward to RP with you. Secondly, I'd like to say thank you to everyone that made both events this week. While there was some constructive critisim, we have taken it on board and are working hard to improve.

Keep a look out for this weeks coming events which should be up in the coming days :)
Cyla Grimblade / Jun 16, 2012
Well, I would like to start to say it was wonderful to see so many people at the event last night, we sincerely hope you all had fun. It was also nice to see you all in uniform before the event started while you waited for the event to begin.

For those that were unable to attend, the patrol went well. With the thinning of numbers in orc ranks. Although the Guard stumbled upon long time enemy Eorangar and he escaped, the rest was a success.

Now back at the keep and resting, Captain Isilorbor Ventris and his dedicated officers dutifully plan the next move.

Once again, thank you to everyone that came along, and thank you to Isilorbor who lead the patrol and got you all back more or less unscathed. Keep a look out for upcoming events :)
Cyla Grimblade / Jun 09, 2012
Thank you to everyone that attended, I hope you all had fun. A belated thank you to Torrigan for helping to DM Thursdays event, and a thank you to Zelderan and Fuerlan for helping DM this one.

The attack was a success for the most part, despite being ambushed. The Eagle Guard walked away from the battle ground with their heads held high, as well as a chest. Morale within the guard is high, despite being battle weary.

Keep a look out for upcoming events this week. :)
Cyla Grimblade / Jun 08, 2012
I would like to thank everyone that made the event, it was nice to see a good turnout for the second event running. I also would like to say welcome back Zelderan.

Despite taking heavy casualties and losses, the Eagle Guard were victorious in defending the town, thus dealing a devastating blow to the enemy. The Guard will now take time to tend their wounded and bury their dead. With victory coming at a cost, morale is so-so. With luck, morale of the force can be boosted before the next march.

Cyla Grimblade / Jun 06, 2012
Firstly I'd like to thank everyone that took part. Secondly, I hope all that participated had fun.

Para has shown himself a traitor to the guard and will be dealt with accordingly (for more information refer to kin rules in the forum section of this site). Also the circumstances surrounding the crossbow bolt fired will be investigated. All in all, the scouting mission was a success and the Eagle Guard now have some knowledge and time to prepare.

Kin event Thursday 7th June at 8pm everyone who is attending is to meet at Trestlebridge.